Debut novel from Camilla Grudova sold to Atlantic

Canadian writer Camilla Grudova’s short story collection The Doll’s Alphabet was one of the most intriguing volumes to appear in 2017. Published here by Coach House Books, the stories resembled the fabulist work of writers such as Leonora Carrington and Angela Carter; individual entries feature a mother who transforms into a wolf and devours her two young twins, a grotesque figure with eight limbs who hires successive seamstresses to sew up the wounds he cuts into his own body, and a woman who is able to detach her own skin from her corporeal self.

It’s exciting, then, to read in the Bookseller that Grudova’s debut novel has been picked up by Atlantic Books in a two-book deal. The publisher acquired U.K. Commonwealth rights, ex Canada, to Children of Paradise, a novel about a woman who works a menial job at a cinema where her eccentric colleagues induct her into the building’s secrets and history.

The Bookseller quotes James Roxburgh, publishing director for Atlantic Fiction, as saying, “Camilla is a stunning, original writer, and her novel is a gorgeous, surrealist take on cineastes and sex, misfit friendships and corporate exploitation.”

Grudova, for her part, expresses enthusiasm that the two-book deal will allow her to continue writing “weird things.”

Children of Paradise is set to publish in June 2022.

No word as yet on a Canadian publisher for the book.

Debut novel from Camilla Grudova sold to Atlantic
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